Huge Swedish Retailer “Project Neptune” coming to Norfolk!

Great news for everyone!

Believe it or not, Ikea has decided to do business in Hampton Roads!
This is a huge announcement for the area and only makes Hampton Roads that much more prestigious. This announcement was made at the Slover Library in downtown Norfolk this morning. Ikea Spokesman Joseph Roth claimed “The location is perfect for us.” He said the company looks for highly visible locations near major highways in areas with at least 2 million people.

Ikea coming to Norfolk!
This is tremendous for everyone living in Hampton Roads, because soon everyone will be able to purchase premium furniture (and eat at a nice restaurant inside of IKEA). Ikea said construction can begin in Spring 2017, which is not that far away! It “will occupy 19 acres of a 24-acre wooded plot owned by the city just west of Interstate 64 and north of Northampton Boulevard.” We could be looking at the 2nd Ikea in Virginia by mid 2018.

For more information on the full story, click here.


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